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Acropolis Peak (10,860') Rick Baugher

View W up Webber Creek Canyon to Acropolis Peak, from summit
Propylaion el 9855' on 10/29/07. Photo by Rick Baugher

Acropolis Peak. Like the height-of-land fortifications of Greek city-states designed to repel invaders, was my Acropolis impregnable to peak baggers?

Acropolis Peak from Upper Webber Creek Lake, photo by Rick Baugher, 7/4/08

Acropolis Peak el 10860'~, with a prominence of 480', is on the
Idaho-Montana Continental Divide. It is the 7th highest peak in the
Beaverhead Mountains, and the 4th highest on the ID-MT CD. Italian Peak and Huh's Horn are the parents. From the ice floes on Upper Webber Creek Lake the view is to Acropolis Peak and its southeast side. The climbing route would be on this broken face. 800' above, a mountain goat eyed me as if to say "I got up here,
now let's see if you can". The moment of truth was at hand, 7/4/08.

Summit of Acropolis. Photo by Rick Baugher, 7/4/08

The final push to the summit via its northeast ridge was narrow and
exposed in spots, but the limestone nubbins were rock solid. I fully
expected an untouched summit, so was blown away to be greeted by this stateline iron post mile marker 578.581. Placed by the Carpenter
Survey, ca 1905, I doff my cap to these intrepid surveyors. They own the peak, and the most I can say is that it is probably climbed only once a century.

From the summit of Acropolis Peak this view is west along the
Continental Divide/ Great Lost Divide to Italian Peak. Bell Mountain is in the distance, 7/4/08.

Upper Weber Creek Lakes. Photo by Rick Baugher, 7/4/08

From the summit of Acropolis Peak this view is east to the scenic
Webber Creek Lakes. The map shows 3 of them, I count 4. To the south, the lakes are enclosed by the massive north face of Scott Peak, truly a sight to behold.

Photo by Rick Baugher, 7/4/08

"It's you again" were my thoughts upon picking up this arrowhead at
the 9000' level in Webber Creek Canyon. Whoever these Beaverhead people were from 2000-3000 years ago, we've crossed paths several times in these mountains.
In situ photo of napped obsidian projectile point, along trail/
gameway, 7/4/08.

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