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Copper Mountain (10,303') Rick Baugher

Copper Mountain, photo by Rick Baugher

Copper Mountain, el 10303', is the southernmost ten thousand footer in the mighty Beaverhead Mountains. Rising out of surrounding desert valleys Copper Mountain isn't shy. It stands proud.

View to the west side of Copper Mountain. Goddard Canyon is on the far right. 12/8/06. The geologist Oscar Huh climbed Copper Mountain at least 7 times ca1960, working foot by foot to decipher the complexities of the area's Mississippian limestone strata.

Rick Baugher

Souther Lemhi Range from Copper Mtn, photo by Rick Baugher

View to Lemhi Range from point 9414' on Copper Mountain. Diamond Peak is off my left shoulder.
On 3/10/90 I skied Copper Mountain. Here's the log entry.... "Climb SW ridge. At 9414' ski up. Then hike to summit in deteriorating gale wind conditions. With 160cm pins (free heel 3 pin bindings with leather boots) ski down south face and into Goddard Canyon. Total 3M vertical skied on marginal snow- wind pack, breakable crust, ice, shallow powder, heavy rotten, and also skied bare ground... hard work."

Trail Peak from Copper Mountain, photo by Rick Baugher

From the north end of Copper Mountain the view is NW to Trail Peak el 10533' in Lemhi Range. By 5/3/97 I was back on Copper Mountain. Apparently, the above abysmal conditions were a distant memory. Descending Blue Canyon, on the peak's east side, the vice like heavy rotten snow just about tugged snowshoes and boots off my feet, nearly bringing me to tears. Once again a proud mountain makes me humble.
ps/ This story has a happy ending. I've also hiked Copper in the bracing clear air of early Autumn, when spirits will soar like a mountain bluebird.


Feb 24, 2008

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