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Culmination Peak (11,312') Rick Baugher

Alpine zone, crowned whitebark, and one of the 11000' points en route
to the culmination, photo by Rick Baugher 9/12/99.

Culmination Peak el 11312' is on the main crest of the Boulder Mountains and heads North Fork Big Wood River. Several ridge points over 11000' reach their culminating height at this summit, which has a prominence of about 1000'.
On 9/12/99 this mountain was climbed from South Fork of East Fork Salmon River. No earlier ascent is known. My approach to Culmination Peak was ".... classic bushwack through various junk to alpine zone at 9500', then pleasant hiking.... shared spring water with a mountain goat."

Rick Baugher

The view east from Culmination Peak, photo by Rick Baugher, 9/12/99.

This is the summit of Culmination Peak. The view is east across the
upper reach of North Fork Big Wood. Peaks L to R: Ryan, Kent, Perkins.

Photos and information by Rick Baugher

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