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The Forgottens Rick Baugher

View E to colorful East Forgotten Peak el 9523'. Rick Baugher photo, 6/17/08.

The Forgottens

In terms of human visitation East Forgotten Peak el 9523'( prominence 503') and West Forgotten Peak el 9785'( prominence 565') appear to be the most neglected summits on the entire Lemhi Range main crest.
One to two miles east of these peaks the Lemhi crest drops to a low point of 8500'. Here a trail crosses the range, connecting Morse and Hayden Creeks. This 8500' saddle is a convenient division point between northern and central Lemhi Range, and offers the best approach for a cross country scramble to East and West Forgotten.
On 6/17/08 neither peak showed any sign of prior visitation. Summit cairns were placed. What should not be forgotten is the search for Idaho's last unclimbed mountain is not yet over- far from it.

View NW to Paramor. Rick Baugher photo, 6/17/08.

View NW to Paramor el 10263' from the top of West Forgotten. To the left of this pyramid is May Mountain el 10971', and in the distance on right is Long Mountain el 10728'.

West Forgotten Peak. Rick Baugher photo, 6/17/08.


West Forgotten Peak el 9785' from East Forgotten Peak.

View from West Forgotten Peak. Rick Baugher photo, 6/17/08.


From the uncairned summit of West Forgotten this view is south to the Patterson- Falls Creek divide. The hump in the center is the divide high point Patterfalls el 10535'. Off to the left there are 3 ten
thousand footers that need exploration. Now that we have seen them we are left with the proverbial question "How do you get to them?"

All photos 6/17/08

Article by Rick Baugher

June 18, 2008

Photos and information by Rick Baugher

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