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Gone Fishin Rick Baugher

View NE toward Upper Fisher , photo by Rick Baugher


Gone Fishin'

Sometimes it's easier to climb mountains than to count 'em. Case in point: in the last post I counted 12 Pioneer 9'ers. There are 14!?  Think I'll go fishing.

Fisher Canyon is way up Little Wood drainage, at least a 12 mile trail ride NE of Bellevue or Hailey. Today the fish weren't biting. Oh well, at least there are mountains to climb.

View NE toward Upper Fisher el 9041' from Fisher Canyon. Some maps show a Fisher Creek Road- don't believe it for a minute.

View from the summit of Upper Fisher, photo by Rick Baugher

If any other fishermen were ever up here they left no evidence of that fact. Cairn and note place on 6/29/09. From the summit of Upper Fisher (prominence 501') this view is N to Hyndman & Old Hyndman on the Pioneer crest, while Grays Peak 10563' sticks out on right.

Near the summit of lLower Fisher, photo by Rick Baugher

View N to Upper Fisher from near top of Lower Fisher el 8354'. On top of Lower Fisher (prom 454') found a Pepsi can, production date 7/96. In the Douglas Fir grove, photo foreground, was a 1940's era sardine tin.

This was my 24th Pioneer 8'er. How many 8000 foot peaks are there in this mountain range anyway? I'm afraid to count.


June 29, 2009
Peak #1376


Photos and information by Rick Baugher

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