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Half Mountain Rick Baugher

Forested Half Mountain, shown here in this view south, splits the forks of Pahsimeroi River. On the West Fork side, to the right, a normal mountain inclination is seen. On the East Fork side, however, it looks like the mountain has been cleavered in half. Way up at the head of East Fork you can see the 12'er Mount Breitenbach. Our little mountain is half the size of its surrounding neighbors.. Rick Baugher photo.

Half Mountain

By one person's count there are 32 nine thousand foot peaks in the greater Lost River Range. 'Greater' includes the outlier range segments of Spring Hill, Donkey Hills, and Hawley Mountain. With yesterday's ascent of 9641' Half Mountain there are no longer any unclimbed 9'ers in the LRR.

In a mountain range known for its hulking 12,000 footers why in the world would anyone be interested in a bunch of itty bitty little peaklets? How about for starters: stunning views of those hulks, seasonally adjusted approach challenges, and guaranteed solitude. These are some of the reasons I have time and again returned to the LRR Mitey Mites.

Half Mountain's SW Ridge. Rick Baugher photo.

Half Mountain's SW ridge offers the surest way to the top. This view NE shows the south summit. Behind us, this same ridge extends to Leatherman Peak.

Half Mountain's summit area. Rick Baugher photo.

Half Mountain's summit area consists of 3 knobs- south, middle, and north- each showing an enclosed map contour of 9640'. I think the middle knob is the highest point. This view from south knob looks to middle knob, then north knob on left.

Mt Corruption. Rick Baugher photo.

From the catwalk summit of middle knob this view is SE to 11857' Mt Corruption. The Burnt Creek quad assigns an unchecked spot elevation of 9641' to middle knob. This may or may not reflect its highest point. In any event, as they say, it's good enough for government work. No evidence of prior ascent was found on 10/25/08. Middle knob reluctantly yields to summit visitation. The easiest way is on the south side via a 30' face of 5.0. Holds are available on the pitted, fractured limestone, but they are awkward and loose. If you'd prefer not to field test your adrenaline system, just do the garden variety scramble up the NW gully to south knob, and call it a peak. It's really about the same height as the middle knob.

Now, after this introduction, can you better appreciate LRR 9'ers?

Rick Baugher
all photos 10/25/08

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