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Heart Mountain (10,422') Rick Baugher

Heart Mountain, photo by Rick Baugher

Heart Mountain el 10422' in the Beaverhead Mountains of east central Idaho has a USGS quadrangle named for it. Northbound travellers on the 50 mile stretch of Interstate 15 between Idaho Falls and Dubois can take note of the heart shaped southeast aspect of this mountain.

View across the Myers Creek drainage to the east face of Heart
Mountain, where Pleistocene glaciation has left its mark. The easiest
way to climb Heart is by its south facing ridge out of Crooked Creek.

"Kardoula Mountain", photo by Rick Baugher

I call this 9680+ peak north of Heart Mountain "Kardoula", which is a Greek word meaning little heart.

Scott Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

Of personal interest only, Kardoula had a pristine uncairned summit on this 10/24/07 visit. The real show stopper is the seldom seen east side of Scott Peak, arguably the biggest baddest face in the Beaverhead Mountains.

Ram and Ewe Mountains, photo by Rick Baugher

View SE to Ram el 9499' (R) and Ewe el 9381' (L) from Kardoula on 10/24/07. These twin peaks overlook Medicine Lodge Canyon. The 20 or so rural families that live in this canyon make a living by raising livestock- chiefly cattle, sheep, horses, and bison. Wyoming's Teton Range is on the horizon some 90 miles distant.

Fritz Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

Fritz Peak el 9738' is another mountain that has a USGS quad named for it. But who was Fritz? This question has stumped local historians. View N from Kardoula, 10/24/07. If you visit Fritz this time of year be sure and wear orange.

Photos and information by Rick Baugher

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