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Idaho-Wyoming Line Rick Baugher

Richards Peak el 9660' in the Snake River Range is positioned right on the Idaho-Wyoming line. Photo by Rick Baugher, 9/3/08.

The Idaho-Wyoming Line

Near the top of the list for hard bodied outdoor achievement stand the surveyors who marked the boundaries of our states. One of the most challenging was the random line of Wyoming's western border with Idaho. This work was performed expertly by GLO Contract Surveyor Alonzo V. Richards and crew in 1874.

In honor of A.V. Richards (1841-1891), a native of Wisconsin and Civil War veteran:

Middle Elk el 9285' and Big Elk 9476'. Photo by Rick Baugher, 8/11/10.



From the summit of Brad Peak, on the west end of the so called Greysnake Ridge, this view looks W to the state line at Alpine, WY, and the Palisades Reservoir in Idaho. The Caribou Range peaks in the background are Middle Elk el 9285' and Big Elk 9476'.

Brad el 8959'. Photo Rick Baugher, 8/11/10.


From the ID-WY line this is a back azimuth sighting to Brad el 8959' (prominence 1100'). The Palisades Reservoir is at 72% capacity. Often at this time of year this upper section is a mud flat.

Nemesis Mountain el 9449'. Photo Rick Baugher, 8/11/10.

This view is across the Grand Canyon of the Snake to Ferry Peak el 9612' (TM Bannon triangulation station, 1905), just inside Wyoming. The rough landslide topography characteristic of the Snake River Range is quite apparent in the photo.



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