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In a Big Hole Rick Baugher

View East to Piney Peak, by Rick Baugher

In a big hole

In 1973 I learned the mountaineering term "benighted" from Glenn Exum, as he was explaining all the things that could go wrong on a climb of Grand Teton. Benighted : "An unplanned or unexpected overnight stay in the mountains; often unprepared and unpleasant."
To make a long story as short as possible, in August 1983 I was benighted on Piney Peak. The experience was less than chivalrous.

From the Kelly Mountain summit igloo this view is E to Piney Peak el 9019', highpoint (?) of the Big Hole Mountains and Teton County Idaho.

Home sweet home. Self photo by Rick Baugher.

Occasionally, I'll have a visitor to the igloo. Why, just the other day, as I was sweeping out the floor, a skier appeared at the entrance. The conditions were full on winter with whipping wind and stinging flurries, yet here he was clad in blue jeans and a short sleeve sport shirt.
"Come in out of the weather", I offered.
"No thanks, gotta keep up my heart rate", he replied, followed by "Didn't I see you up here last year?"
Before I could answer "Uh... yes, and what's your name?", he had expertly peeled his climbing skins, and over his shoulder added "See you next year probably.", then went glissing down Tele Hill.
I just wish, for their own safety, people would dress appropriately for winter......

Kelly Belly powder 8's. Photo Rick Baugher.

Kelly Mountain (non summer) ascent #456 was a powder puff perfect play day. 'Kelly Belly' is my name for this east facing run off the 6805' summit of Kelly Mtn. It's a short and scenic way to earn turns. Kelly Belly, sweet as a jelly belly!


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Rick B. barely in
Bonneville County Idaho

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