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Indian Head Peak (10,001) Rick Baugher

This summit view looks SW across Birch Creek Valley to Diamond Peak (center) and 5 Lemhi Range Eleveners. Photo 11/9/96 by Rick Baugher

Indian Head Peak is on the west wing of the Beaverhead Mountains. This is the southern part of the range which Idaho doesn't share with Montana. If it is true the meek shall inherit the earth, then Indian Head Peak is sitting pretty. For, at an elevation of 10001', it is likely the lowliest ten thousand footer in Idaho.

Indian Head Peak overlooks Indian Head Canyon and the Jaguar Cave pictograph site.

Indian Head Peak, photo by Rick Baugher, 5/29/08

View south across Scott Canyon to Indian Head Peak. This shot is from the summit of The Heel el 9703' on 5/29/08. Seems winter doesn't want to leave quietly in the high country this year.

Summit of Toe looking SW to Bell Mountain, photo by Rick Baugher, 6/3/08

Interestingly, neither The Heel nor The Toe el 9469' showed any sign
of prior summit visitation. Shown here is the pristine summit of Toe
looking SW to Bell Mountain on 6/3/08. Both Toe (prom 369') and Heel (prom 454') lie at the foot of Italian Peak. The three peaks described in this article can all be seen from Idaho Highway 28 in the Reno area.

Information and photos by
Rick Baugher
June 3, 2008

Photos and information by Rick Baugher

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