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View NW to North Lem Peak el 10456' (prominence 356') from near my
camp in Bear Valley drainage, 8/22/08. Rick Baugher photo.

There are about 106 ten thousand foot peaks in Idaho's Lemhi Range. After 28 years I was down to my last two, or so I thought. As often happens, once in the mountains, peaks that didn't seem apparent on a map jump out at you in the field. So, instead of being my Lemhi swan song, this outing proved that it's not over till it's over.
From camp at the north base of Lem Peak I scrambled up the southeast face of North Lem Peak el 10456'. The next day, in order to get to my objective, I climbed the NW ridge to Lem Peak el 10985', descended Lem's west ridge to reach West Lem Peak el 10375', then back up and over the way I came.

Lem Peak. Rick Baugher photo.

Shown here is the uncairned summit of North Lem. Was not able to find any sign of prior visitation. The view is south along the range crest to Lem Peak on 8/22/08.

West Lem Peak.. Rick Baugher photo.

Dawn patrol. View W across Allison Cirque to West Lem el 10375'
(prominence 395') from NW ridge of Lem Peak, 8/23/08. Note the morning shadow cast by Lem Peak across the canyon of Salmon River. A dense haze of forest fire smoke had engulfed Salmon River country overnight.

Summit of Lem Peak. Rick Baugher photo.

My first visit to Lem Peak was 7/1/94 in conjunction with the
Triangulation Station Recovery Project. Today I was heartsick for, as you can see here, the large stone monument placed by TM Bannon in 1913 had disappeared completely. K Donaldson's Summitpost submission showed the monument was still in place July 2004.

Summit of West Lem Peak. Rick Baugher photo.

View W from the summit of West Lem on 8/23/08. A sardine can was found near the 9980' saddle but the summit showed no prior sign of occupation.

Article and photos by Rick Baugher
Aug 24,2008

Photos and information by Rick Baugher

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