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Little Boone Peak (9,533') Rick Baugher

View W to Little Boone Peak. Saw 10 elk high on the mountain. Photo by Rick Baugher


Little Boone Peak el 9533' (prominence 353') is on a spur ridge north of Big Black Dome in the Pioneer Mountains. On 10/11/07 I approached from the east on the divide between Fox Creek and Little Boone Creek.
This peak guards the west entrance to Copper Basin.

Near the summit of Little Boone Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

Near the summit of Little Boone. View SW to 11620'~ Andromeda Peak.

Summit block of Little Boone Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

Summit block of Little Boone. No sign of prior ascent. Built small
cairn, left a register. View NE to Lost River Range. Can you spot on
the left the Three Sisters, i.e. Leatherman, Bad Rock, Church?

Rick Baugher
all photos 10/11/07

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