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Little Lost Peak (10,202)  

Little Lost Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

Little Lost Peak el 10202', on the backside of the Lost River Range, overlooks the Little Lost Ranch and the Little Lost River Valley. It also manages to get a little lost sitting just one mile east of its parent, Massacre Mountain el 10924'. With a prominence of 420' it does stand tall enough to exhibit a character of its own.

The logical approach to this mountain is by horse trail, then bushwack, up Big Creek, an enchanting spring fed perennial stream. From above Big Creek the view is SW to Little Lost Peak on 10/15/06. The foreland Challis Volcanics have pushed up and tilted the Paleozoic limestone strata of the peak's NE face.

Rick Baugher, photo date 10/15/06.

North Massacre Mountain from Little Lost Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

From the Mississippian Limestone summit of Little Lost Peak the view is NW to North Massacre Mtn 10824' on 10/15/06.

Rick Baugher, photo date 10/15/06.

Bell Mountain from Little Lost Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

Call Will Smith- the aliens have landed! That fiberglass disk isn't really a space ship. It's a water tank for big game- called a guzzler. Placed by a coalition of game preservation agencies some 25 years ago, guzzlers appear at several alpine tundra locations in the LRR from Massacre Mtn SE to King Mtn. This summit view is NE across Little Lost Valley to the Bell Mtn area of the Lemhi Range on 10/15/06.

Rick Baugher, photo date 10/15/06.

Bighorn in the Sangre de Cristo of Souther Colorado, photo 9/16/07 by Rick Baugher

Although the ladies in this harem are from the Southern Rockies they
resemble their LRR cousins. Despite aids like guzzlers, the herds of bighorn sheep in the Lost River Range die out within 20 years. A new herd of Ovis Canadensis, some 200 animals, was released in 2005.

Rick Baugher, photo date 9/16/07.

Photos and information by Rick Baugher

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