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Meadow Peak (9,099)  

Meadow Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

View W to Meadow Peak with its cliff bands of Jefferson Dolomite.
US Geologist Clyde P. Ross described this Devonian rock formation in his 1947 report "Geology of the Borah Peak Quadrangle". The easiest way to the top involves climbing through 3 cliff bands of
this black rock.

Rick Baugher 5/30/07

Summit of Meadow Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

From the summit of Meadow Peak the view is NE across Pahsimeroi Valley to the snow caps of the northern Lemhi Range (Lem Peak to May Mtn). On this summit Lee Morrison calculated an elevation reading of 9090' in 1934-5. The USGS wooden triangulation signal shown here was placed by W.T. Borgeson in 1956. His 9099' vertical angle reading was used on the 1956 Doublespring 15 minute quadrangle, and is the elevation that appears on the 1989 Meadow Peak 7.5 min quad. Crowding the signal is the thorny currant (gooseberry) bush, euphemistically known as "bushwacker's delight".

Rick Baugher

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