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Mogg to Patterson Rick Baugher

Morse Creek drainage. Photo 5/17/08, Rick Baugher.


The central section of Idaho's Lemhi Range offers a celebration of mountain peaks suitable for longer day hikes or an extended backpack. Life is short. Climb as many of these peaks as you can. You won't regret time well spent. Here are some to get you started. Cheers!

View ENE to the pointed summits of Mogg Mountain el 10573' (L), and Buffalo Skull Peak el 10735' (R). This is Morse Creek drainage. Photo 5/17/08.


The Wedge. Rick Baugher photo.

View E to The Wedge el 10688' from summit The Ledge el 10536'. These two can be done nicely from Mill Lake. Photo 10/6/96.

The Wedge. Rick Baugher photo.

View NE to Patterson Peak el 10602' on 7/12/98. All peaks shown are on the main crest of the Lemhi Range and my personal preference is to approach from the Lemhi Valley side. To be continued....

Rick Baugher

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