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Opportunity Knox Rick Baugher

Photo by Rick Baugher

Opportunity Knox

For Idaho peak baggers November is the bonus month. When weather and conditions are right for hiking, put down those pseudo obligations and go for it! Here are the three highest peaks between Deep Creek Peak and Bannock Peak in the Deep Creek Mountains. These can be hiked from Left Fork Knox Canyon on the east side of the range. Its graded road is now spotty with mud, snow, and ice, but still passable to cars. It's less than 40 miles SW of Pocatello.

On the lam
The first peak reached, Knox Crest el 7855' (prom 635'), caused me to do a double take. Seven domestic sheep were contentedly grazing this grassy summit. But in November? Flocks wouldn't normally be up here this time of year. These woolies must be escapes. Good luck guys, it's a dangerous world out there.

Portage Peak, photo by Rick Baugher.

The second destination, Portage Peak el 7680'+ (prom 340') was an out and back from this here. From Knox Crest the view is west across Rockland Valley to Sublett Range. Mt Harrison in Albion Mtns visible in distance.

West Knows Twin, photo by Rick Baugher.

South of Knox Crest are two nearly identical points 7804' and 7814' (prom 354') which I call West Knox Twins. View N to the 7804' West Knox Twin. A characteristic of the Deep Creek Mountains is low limestone cliff bands, generally more fun to climb through than around. Another notable is the abundance of well shaped Douglas fir and spruce trees. Think of this range as 'The Christmas Tree Mountains'.


Deep Creek Peak, photo by Rick Baugher.

While Knox Crest and Portage had cowboy cairns on top, this third summit of the day showed no signs of previous visitors (discounting any stray cows and sheep). From my cairn on 7814' West Knox Twin the view is E to range high point Deep Creek Peak el 8748', among the first batch of Idaho mountains to be measured (Wheeler Survey 1870's). On the left across Arbon Valley we can see Scout Mountain and Old Tom Mountain in the Bannock Range.


Rick Baugher
All photos Nov 2, 2009


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