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Park Fork Peak (10,268)  

Park Fork Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

With its rocky crags, sweeping conifer forests, lakes, and alpine meadows, the central section of Idaho's Lemhi Range is a nature lover's paradise. Here's one of my favorite spots.

Park Fork Peak el 10268' is on the main crest of the Lemhi Range
between Yellow Peak and Big Creek Peak. This view is SSW cross the Park Fork of Big Creek. Big Creek Peak el 11350' protrudes on the left.

Rick Baugher 6/16/07

Park Fork Peak summit, photo by Rick Baugher

Near the quartzite summit of Park Fork Peak, showy alpine flowers are coming into bloom. The Hymenoxys (alpine sunflower) is a real attention grabber. Ranunculus (snow buttercup) is one of the first spring blooms to appear as snowbanks recede.

Rick Baugher 6/16/07

Lewisia Rediviva, photo by Rick Baugher

The Montana state flower, Lewisia Rediviva, makes a brief but flourishing appearance in the central Lemhi Range. Every year, as native tribes have done for centuries, I try to make a pilgrimage to Lemhi Valley to feel the spirit of the bitterroot flower.

Rick Baugher 6/16/07

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