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Pioneer Niner Count Continues Rick Baugher

Hyndman Basin, photo by Rick Baugher


Pioneer Niner Count Continues

One of life's little pleasures is to find new summits to reach. It seems Mother Gaia has been hard at work making new 9000 foot peaks in Idaho's Pioneer Mountains. Of course, they've always been there..... if one would just look. Here's a list (subject to change):
Johnstone 9949'
Trail Creek Summit East 9720'+
Behynd 9631'
White Mtn 9623'
Little Boone 9533'
Federal 9532'
Pot Top 9365'
West Trail Tail 9364'
Blizzard 9313'
Hyndsight 9311'
Mandolin 9189'
Cold 9178'
Boyle 9150'
Iron Mine 9098'
Hyndside 9096'
Upper Fisher 9041'

From the limestone summit of 9631' 'Behynd', this 7/8/09 view looks NE, l to r, to Hyndman, Old Hyndman, Cobb. In the middle distance, in Hyndman Basin, pioneer Pioneer photographer Martyn Mallory (1880-1936) made an early wet plate photo of what was then thought to be Idaho's highest peak. Sun Valley Trekking currently has a yurt placed in this most lovely basin.

Hyndside summit, photo by Rick Baugher

'Hyndside' el 9096', another 9'er on the Hyndman Peak quad, showed no sign of prior summit visitation on 7/9/09, although a 1920's era tin container was found a couple of hundred feet below the top. Prospectors certainly traversed these hills. Duncan, Hyndman, and Cobb center the photo.

Indian paintbrush, photo by Rick Baugher

Indian Paintbrush dapples the palette in this view NE to Hyndside, with Cobb on left. This sagebrush peak can be seen from your car along East Fork Road at Hyndman View Rd.


Rick Baugher
July 10, 2009
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