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Rearing Stallion Peak (11280') Rick Baugher

View W to Rearing Stallion. The forbs and grasses in this alpine
meadow are well cropped by the 40 animal herd of elk., photo by Rick Baugher

Rearing Stallion Peak el 11280'+ or 11300'~ has to rear up on its hind legs just to be seen from the valley floor of Wildhorse Canyon. Located in the Wildhorse Lakes district of the Pioneer Mountains, this stallion is one wild pony.

Approach to Rearing Stallion., photo by Rick Baugher

My approach to Rearing Stallion was by way of this hanging valley to
the south of the peak. I followed the grassy lead in the center, which
was capped by 100' of outsloping class 4 rock. Found a slightly easier way down on far left. This involved a seat of the pants au cheval descent on wet slabs. Goat Mountain 11913' overlooks everything.

NW Ridge of Rearing Stallion., photo by Rick Baugher

This is the northwest ridge of Rearing Stallion showing its 340'~ of
prominence. The climbing route follows ledges, sometimes narrow, on banded gneiss. The rock proved to be, in fact, very nice.

Abel Peak and Devils Bedstead., photo by Rick Baugher

From the untouched 11300'~ summit of Rearing Stallion the view is NW to Abel Peak el 11516'. Behind Abel on the right is Devils Bedstead 11865'.

This was my 109th Idaho Elevener. There are no remaining unclimbed peaks in Idaho that are higher. Depending on how you count your eleveners , there are yet one, two, or maybe three that await first ascents. Finishing these off will be a job for someone else. Good luck on the quest.

All photos July 20, 2008
Rick Baugher

Photos and information by Rick Baugher

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