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Recess Peak (11,580+)  

Recess Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

Here we have reclusive Recess Peak, SE aspect, on the main crest Pioneer Mountains, Idaho. Brocky Peak would be a long mile to the left. Hope To Stand el11887' (The Fin) is 1/2 mile to the right. The area shown heads Little Wood River and is the southern rim of the crystalline Pioneer Batholith. 9/27/07.


Summit of Recess Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

Here's a view to the summit from the north. Recess Peak el 11580'~ can be located on the USGS Standhope Peak quad at the head of Fall Creek. No summit elevation is shown. The highest enclosed contour is 11560'. The 11580' elevation estimate uses the standard split contour difference. By this same method a prominence of 360' is calculated.



Recess Peak summit block, photo by Rick Baugher

On 9/1/06 the pristine summit of Recess Peak offered a moment of triumph, quickly followed by awe of the surroundings, then a sense of utter isolation. On the left-SE ridge of The Fin. On right-Copper Basin. Those are "my rocks" on top of the summit boulder. This area is in the deepest recess of two drainages on the boundary of Challis and Sawtooth National Forests.


Summit of Recess Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

Conventional thought states that Idaho has no living glaciers. But this may be wrong. One of the rewards in the long trek up Fall Creek en route to Recess Peak is the opportunity to view the Brocky Glacierette. This small body of ice is complete with bergshrund, large terminal moraine, and, importantly, a crevasse that suggests ice movement. As our climate changes it should be interesting to see what happens to this fragile living remnant. Photo date 9/1/06.



Photos and information by Rick Baugher

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