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Redrock Peak (9,701') Rick Baugher

Redrock Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

Sawmill Canyon is the most popular destination in Idaho's Lemhi Range. This forested headwaters area of the Little Lost River has been a favorite family camping area since the first settlers arrived in the 1880's. Redrock Peak el 9701' is one of a dozen peaks that overlook Sawmill Canyon. The bushwack scramble to its summit leaves the hubbub of the canyon far behind. On top I found no sign of human imprint. Here is a tiny island of solitude.

This view shows the nature of the east side of Redrock Peak. The sharp east ridge, airy in spots; or the trailless, but hard to find, Redrock Creek drainage can both be used to reach this volcanic summit.

Rick Baugher

Summit of Redrock Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

The summit of Redrock Peak is on the rim of what was once a huge early Cenozoic volcano. Looking across the caldera, which has now become South Fork Big Creek, we see the monarch of the region, Big Creek Peak el 11350'. Directly in front of 'Big' is Flatiron Mountain el 11019'. To the left of the eleveners is a nice enough 10571' peak I call Smoke Screen. When I was there in August 1992 the smoke from distant forest fires reduced visibility to nil. So, it was nice on this occasion to actually see my old friend. Over the years I'd almost forgotten what a crummy bushwack it was.

Eriogonum, photo by Rick Baugher

Eriogonum can be found from peak to valley in Sawmill Canyon, and that's good, because the buckwheats are an important ecological system link. Flowers provide the single most significant nectar source for steppe-inhabiting bees, and its seeds provide a major food source for birds and rodents. Native peoples used buckwheat to reduce swellings.

All photos Rick Baugher 6/16/07.

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