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The Southern Lemhi Range Rick Baugher

Mt Inspiration and Mt Perspiration. Rick Baugher photo 5/17/08.

Southern Lemhi Range

If an Egyptian Pharaoh were to gaze up while traveling Idaho Highway 28 he'd see pyramids on a grand scale. Pharaoh would nod approval knowing his afterlife would be assured in the southern Lemhi Range. Sure, there are round tops and ragged tops here, but the dominant mountain form is in the shape of a pyramid. This has to do with the dynamic of huge limestone blocks being uplifted then downdropped as earth's crust compresses and extends.

From the floor of Little Lost River Valley the view is NE on 5/17/08
to Mt. Inspiration el 10715' (L) and Mt. Perspiration el 10693' (R).
Thomas Edison said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. I must not be a genius for these mountains offered great inspiration.

The Medusa. Rick Baugher photo, 10/5/91

Also overlooking Mammoth Canyon is The Medusa, a multi headed 10533' summit, shown on a crisp Autumn day, 10/5/91.

Mammoth Head. Rick Baugher photo, 10/5/91


View N to Mammoth Head el 10274', a little but locally dominant main crest summit on the Coal Kiln quadrangle. Photo 10/5/91.

Incredible Hulk. Rick Baugher photo, 10/28/90


View N to Incredible Hulk el 10858' on 10/28/90 from rust colored
Rust Peak el 10759'. Incredubul !

Lexi's Peak on 6/22/91.. Rick Baugher photo.


From Third Peak el 10737' this shot is south to Lexi's Peak el
10954'. Off to the left is The Riddler el 11598'. Photo 6/22/91.

Finally, a note to the pharaoh. None of the summit pyramids described here showed any sign of human molestation when visited in 1990-91. Have a good afterlife.

Rick Baugher

June 6, 2008

Photos and information by Rick Baugher

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