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SON (Shut Out Not) Mountain (10,420') Rick Baugher

View from SE to Horseheaven from Shut Out Not,
photo by Rick Baugher

Sometimes Plan B turns out better than Plan A. On 3/20/94 I was itching to get out and hike. Maybe Spring Hill el 9449' in the snow shadow of the Lost River Range would be a good candidate for opening the peak bagging season. Driving in on the Pahsimeroi side things looked promising until suddenly the Doublespring Road was blocked by an abrupt snowpack. In a favorable dry year this road across the LRR can be passable much of the winter, but this wasn't one of those years.
From here Spring Hill would be an expedition to frustration. Looks like I was shut out. But wait. What's that 10400'+ Pahsimeroi peak off to the southwest? Hadn't noticed it before, and a southeast gully had already shed most of its snow. With only a little deep snow waddling and some ice axe clawing this snow free top was mine. I was Shut Out Not!

This scene is about as close as you can get to Pleistocene Idaho, a
time when piedmont glaciers coursed through the alpine landscape. From near treeline on SON (Shut Out Not) Mountain the view is SE to Horseheaven in the Lost River Range.

Pavlos and Petros from Shut Out Not, photo by Rick Baugher

From the blown free summit of SON Mountain the view is westerly to Petros (L) and Pavlos (R). Shut Out Not has a prominence of about 750'. SON's parent is Straight Shot el 10730' and a grandparent would be Petros. A cairn was placed here 3/20/94. No earlier ascent is known.

Rick Baugher

May 1, 2008

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