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SnaRR Rick Baugher

View East from Garden Ridge. photo by Rick Baugher.

The smugness only lasted a few hours. After a rock strewn hike and thrash up North Indian, then Garden Canyon, I was standing on Garden Ridge el 9681' (prominence 421'). The isolation rivaled the view. After many years spent collecting 20 summits on the Idaho side, and 23 in Wyoming, this was supposedly my completion peak of the Snake River Range. Like the view, this thought was sublime but fleeting. Back home with the maps, the 'yet to do's' became apparent. Heading the list: North Powder el 9520'+, then 3 small 8's, and a few 7's in the Pritchard- Fall Creek area. For such a little mountain range the SnaRR sure is infested with peaks.

From the 9681' high point of Garden Ridge this view is east. On the
horizon is the north prong of Wyoming Range- Ramshorn to Hoback Pk. To the right is Observation Peak el 9960'+ which was TM Bannon's 1905 triangulation station 'Indian'.

Big Elk Creek, photo by Rick Baugher.

Summit view N down the head of Big Elk Creek to JH. Tom, can you almost see your house down there in Wilson? Old friends L to R; Taylor, Glory, Rendezvous, socked in Grand. Out of the picture to the left is a great view of Powder Peak.

Powder Peak, photo by Rick Baugher.

Here it is. Powder Peak el 9862', SE aspect. Often seen seldom climbed.

All photos Sept 3, 2008

Rick Baugher

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