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The Southwest Tier Rick Baugher

View Patterfalls. Rick Baugher photo, 9/20/99

The Southwest Tier

Several peaks and ridges project southwest from the central Lemhi crest, and are best approached from Pahsimeroi Valley. Here are some.

Patterfalls el 10535' is the high point on the ridge that divides
Patterson Creek and Falls Creek. Frank Schisler of Patterson, Ida,
staked a mining claim high on the mountain in the 1930's. View N to
the summit on 9/20/99.

From the summit of Hillside Peak. Rick Baugher photo, 5/22/00

From the summit of Hillside Peak el 10592' this view is NW on 5/22/00 and shows the abrupt fault line between Lemhi Range and Pahsimeroi Valley.

View to Inyo summit on 6/5/00.. Rick Baugher photo.

My original idea was to ride the jeep roads high on the south slope
for a quick easy walk up to Inyo Peak el 10611'. To do this required
crossing a quarter section of private land. Using my best manners I
politely asked permission. The rancher quickly blew me off. So, I went east, parked at and forded Big Creek, then began the long hike up. By this route Inyo Peak is Idaho's biggest Class 1 mountain. It allowed me to practice my mantra "going up is easier than coming down".


Snowslide Peak. Rick Baugher photo.

From Hillside Peak I mostly snowshoed this connecting ridge to
Snowslide Peak el 10743'. The peak is aptly named. Sluff from my
snowshoes cartwheeled over the corniced ridge lip, gaining momentum and mass at a frightening pace. From above, in horror, I watched in disbelief as this chain reaction wet snow avalanche engulfed an entire north side slope. Finishing the circular route, dry ground never felt so good.

Rick Baugher

June 4, 2008

Photos and information by Rick Baugher

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