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Stag Party Rick Baugher

Lem Peak. Rick Baugher photo.

Stag Party

Stag Peak el 10020' (prominence 360') is a northern Lemhi Range mountain sandwiched between Deer Creek and Buck Lakes. This summit can be reached by following its east ridge (trailless pine forest), for a rise of 3200' vertical. Starts near the Bear Valley Creek trailhead.
It was party time on Stag because this was the tentative completion peak of the Lemhi Range ten thousand footers (#107).

View W across Buck Creek drainage to Lem Peak el 10985', from the 10020' summit of Stag Peak. Although 3 stags were spotted, no evidence of prior human visitation could be found. Summit cairn and note placed September 2, 2009.

Stag Peak. Rick Baugher photo.

Stag Peak is wearing a white cap. View W up Bear Valley Creek,
eastern side of Lemhi Range, on 10/23/09.

Long Mountain.. Rick Baugher photo.

No question about it, sporting full dress whites, Long Mountain is
ready for winter. This SW view is from the Lemhi Range summit of 9293' Kadletz Peak on 10/23/09. This little peak, prominence 393', takes its name from the nearby creek. Brothers Johnny and Bill Kadletz worked as government blacksmiths on the Lemhi Indian Reservation.

Rick Baugher
Oct 23, 2009

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