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The Peaks of Star Hope  

From the most distant corner of Copper Basin, Star Hope Canyon trenches its way into the core of the southern Pioneer Mountains. In Pleistocene time this was a feeder for the East Fork Glacier, one of Idaho's largest valley glaciers. Star Hope's legacy today is a U shaped canyon rimmed by cliffs, talus, scree, and rubble. By navigating the 4WD road to near its end at 8400', the five mid size 10000' peaks which encircle the canyon come into reach. An enchainment of all 5 can be done in a day by the over achiever, or more sensibly, one or two can be done in an outing, thus leaving a good excuse to return to a beautiful area. Here's a snapshot of the peaks in counterclockwise order:


Rick Baugher, 11/1/07

Coco Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

The volcanic dacite rocks of Coco Peak 10400'+ make it look chocolate brown. If you can't remember this, just look at the Star Hope Mine USGS quad. You will find this peak where Blaine Co and Custer Co come together- hence CoCo. View N to Coco Peak from Skyline Peak. In case you're wondering about those crown jewels on the horizon, the most prominent ones L to R are: Old Hyndman, Hyndman, Goat, Brocky; then L to R from Coco summit we have Recess, Hope to Stand, Standhope, Altair.

Rick Baugher 11/1/07

Skyline Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

A mining prospect is located near the summit of Skyline Peak 10248'. As the old timers would say "Ten times out of nine you'll find a silver mine above timberline". This area was once part of the Muldoon Mining District which operated ca1879-1934.

Rick Baugher, 11/1/07

Drummond Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

Drummond Peak 10525' is the headwall summit of Star Hope Canyon, and is the halfway point of the U shaped Starhope traverse. A 1935 GLO post is located near the summit. The General Land Office, which became the BLM in 1946, put iron survey markers on important land section corners. This north side of Drummond is the hardest part of the traverse.

Rick Baugher, 11/1/07

South Starhope Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

View NE across the head of Star Hope Canyon to South Starhope Peak 10493'.

Rick Baugher, 11/1/07

Starhope Peak, photo by Rick Baugher

View N to shadowy Starhope Peak 10444' from South Starhope. Another 1935 GLO post is on a section line just south of 10444'. On the horizon at 11 o'clock is Standhope Peak 11878', which from many angles appears to be the most symmetrical of the jumbly Pioneer summits.

Rick Baugher, 11/1/07

Photos and information by Rick Baugher

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