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Straight Shot Peak (10,370') Rick Baugher

Chuck pondering, photo by Rick Baugher

Straight Shot Peak el 10730' is one of several main crest Pahsimeroi summits that align straight as an arrow. This singular alignment is best observed from US Highway 93 at Antelope Flat.
Despite a winter storm warning on 10/21/95 Chuck Ferguson and I were intent on giving Straight Shot our best shot. To do this we drove over Doublespring Pass to approach the peak from the east. We then hiked four miles west up a trailless unnamed canyon, ascended a headwall, skirted some cliffs, and breathed a sigh of relief as the incoming storm veered away from our summit. On top we found a faint rock ring. There is a slight possibility this was man made, but more likely it was an example of patterned rock, a cold desert phenomenon where through frost action rocks wedge into a circular pattern.

On the main crest headed north to Straight Shot, Chuck ponders a
limestone tower. All day we played the mind game "Most Outrageous Line", trying to outdo one another in picking imaginary routes up the ever changing cliff walls.

Where's Waldo?, photo by Rick Baugher

Where's Waldo? That red balaclava has a history. In 1970 it was found orphaned on the Appalachian Trail, and over the years has been a most faithful and well travelled companion. From our cairn on Straight Shot this view north takes in 5 Eleveners. L to R they are: Petros, Trinity, Hope, Grouse Creek, and hiding like Waldo, Pavlos. 10/21/95.

SW aspect of Pahsimeroi crest, photo by Rick Baugher

SW aspect of Pahsimeroi crest showing the straight alignment of peaks. L to R- McGowan, Gooseberry, Metaxy, Pahsimeroi Pyramid, Petros, and Straight Shot on the very far right. This photo 4/3/07.

Article and photos by
Rick Baugher
May 5, 2008

Photos and information by Rick Baugher

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