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The Brow (11,005') Rick Baugher

The Brow summit. Rick Baugher photo.

The Brow is Idaho's newest Elevener, at least as far as the science of cartography goes. The first large-scale topographic map for this southern section of Lemhi Range, the Diamond Peak 15 minute series, was published in 1957 and showed an unnamed spot elevation of 10994'. When the Diamond Peak 7.5 minute map came out in 1987 this main crest summit 1.5 miles NW of Diamond Peak, still unnamed, sported a new elevation of 11005'.
The peak's east side can be climbed from North Fork Pass Creek, or the north side can be done from scenic Rocky Canyon. I used the latter route on 9/30/90, a crisp clear fall day that could be characterized as intoxicating. The antelope were on the run- 75% fearful, 25% playful. To gain the main crest I ascended the 'Golden Staircase' and shared it with a mountain goat dressed in his winter white coat. On the untrodden summit perch I built a cairn and left a note.

From my cairn on The Brow summit this view is NW on 9/30/90. On the
left is Amys Peak el 10717' and to the right is her bigger sister
Lexis Peak el 10954'.

(I'm proud of my girls, and this is where it shows).

The Brow. Rick Baugher photo.

Undoubtedly you're wondering how I came up with such a fancied name as 'The Brow'. The best explanation is this 9/22/90 photo from Amys Peak. Can you see the profile of a man's face staring skyward? With such a prominent brow arch perhaps he's a prehistoric Idaho Neanderthal ?? Not long afterward, I paid a visit to Jeri T., a business contact of mine at the Targhee National Forest office in Dubois, Idaho. Jeri grew up at Blue Dome in Birch Creek Valley, and I wanted to quiz her on The Brow. Had she ever heard of this mountain being previously climbed? She knew exactly what peak I was describing. Her answer was "No, but that's not the name of the mountain. It's called Gunsight Peak". Jeri then told me how her Uncle Waggoner would spend late afternoons watching the sun set behind his Gunsight Peak. Maybe we should just call it Peak 11005', or Peak 10994', or.....?

Article and photos by
Rick Baugher

April 2, 2008

Photos and information by Rick Baugher

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