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The Moat (11,477)  

The Moat, photo by Rick Baugher

The Moat 11477', south aspect, Upper Cedar Creek drainage. The key to a successful ascent of The Moat is making it in good shape to Backdrop Pass 10180', shown on the right. But, either approach- Upper Cedar Creek or Long Lost Creek- is l-o-n-g. Trailless Upper Cedar Creek has intimidating stream flows during early season , thus providing an effective moat for 11477'. Rick Baugher 11/15/07.

The Moat, photo by Rick Baugher

From the LRR summit Longswauger Peak el 10648' the view is SW. Shown in the center is the NE aspect The Moat el 11477'. Far and Away Peak is on the right. Backdrop Pass 10180~ is on the left. Behind it is Little Mac, and behind Little Mac is Shelly-Redbird.

Rick Baugher, photo date 5/18/07.

Photos and information by Rick Baugher

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