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Hyndman Peak  

Hyndman Peak and basin

Hyndman Basin creek

Hyndman Basin creek with Old Hyndman's silhouette

Hyndman from the base of Cobb. Courtesy of Duncan French

Upper Hyndman basin

Hyndman basin looking west

Rock wall in Hyndman basin looking northwest

Hyndman nearing the saddle

Hyndman basin 1,000 feet below the summit

Scrambling Hyndman

Old Hyndman from 1,000 feet below Hyndman

The main Pioneer crest. Arrowhead Lake on the left and Old Hyndman on the right

On top with the White Clouds in the background



Hyndman Peak sits at 12,009 feet, the tallest peak in the Pioneer range and the ninth tallest in Idaho. The eastern ridge route is a class 2 while the northern ridge is a class 3-4.

Topo of the route

East Ridge

The east ridge route is 6 miles from the trailhead to the top and gains 5,000 feet in elevation. The route is accessible from Hyndman Creek Rd. Turn East onto the East Fork Wood River road from Highway 75 out of Hailey. Drive past Triumph and take a left onto Forest Service road 203 at the fork. Follow 203 until it meets up with the confluence of the North Fork Hyndman Creek and Hyndman Creek and the trailhead. Park here. Cross Hyndman Creek on a foot bridge and follow the old jeep road through aspens and meadows along Hyndman Creek.

As you trek along, Cobb Peak will appear. Cobb dominates the immediate area. As you approach the base of Cobb, stay left when you hit the fork. The old jeep road crosses Hyndman Creek and continues on toward Big Basin and the approach to Cobb and Old Hyndman. The fork to the left forms into a single track trail and rises sharply up a sagebrush hill, 800 feet in one mile. As you begin to level out you will come onto small pond and a tarp used by sheep herders. Look for the trail that crosses Hyndman Creek in some tress and climbs one last treeless sagebrush hill. Soon Hyndman Creek comes into view again on your right as it cuts its way through a narrow gulley and cascades in a series of small waterfalls. Then you begin to level out as you enter the expansive Hyndman Basin as shown in the picture on the left and Hyndman Peak, which lies straight ahead, comes into view as well as Duncan Ridge to your left. On your right is Hyndman Creek and the base of Cobb. Beyond Cobb is the East face of Old Hyndman Peak. On an August morning, Old Hyndman appears as a silhouette above Hyndman Creek in the humidity and haze.

At this point, the trail begins to fade in and out. Pick your best route along the creek or through the middle of the basin. Your immediate goal is the saddle between Hyndman and Old Hyndman. Lower Hyndman Basin consists of huge wide firs and tall grass. As you venture into the upper basin, trees disappear, and rock walls, cliffs, and boulders are everywhere. A small lake, sometimes called Hyndman Lake, is situated below the saddle and may dry in low snow pack years. Snow banks can be found here even into August. Old Hyndman towers above straight ahead and Cobb is now behind you to your right. The creek, flowing out of the lake can be crossed in a single stride and is a good source of drinking water for the ascent of Hyndman.

As you approach the ascent to the saddle, watch for mountain goats on the east talus slopes of Old Hyndman. Take the shortest route to the saddle between Hyndman and Old Hyndman. Once at the saddle, hold your breath as you peer down from 10,800 feet to Wildhorse canyon 4,000 feet below. The knife-edge ridge precipitously drops to the canyon below. After a good rest, follow the ridge to Hyndman staying close to the top of the ridge, but on its south talus slope. A beaten path appears in some places, while scrambling will be needed in other places as talus boulders become obstacles.

Once on top, take time to peer north to Duncan Ridge, Devils Bedstead, Goats Peak, and the Boulders far north. To the northeast, if the air is clear, Borah and the Lost River range can be seen. Wildhorse campground is at the very bottom of the canyon. Surrounding Wildhorse Canyon is Standhope Peak and other unnamed peaks over 11,000 feet. Old Hyndman rises almost veritically from the valley floor. A ridge connecting Cobb and Old Hyndman is now noticeable. Gaze down at Hyndman Basin and see the lake, the creek, and the sheepherders pond. Due West is Baldy near Sun Valley and northwest is Pioneer Cabin.

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