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Salzburger Spitzl Peak  

Salzburger Spitzl and Handwerk Peak from the Hyndman Creek trailhead
Salzburger Spitzl, Goat, and Handwerk from Pioneer Cabin

South ridge of Salzburger Spitzl, the last prominent rock tower nearest the summit.

On top of Salzburger Spitzl with the Devil's Bedstead East in the background
On top of Salzburger Spitzl with Goat in the background

Descending the boulder field from Spitzl's south ridge

Salzburger Spitzl Peak sits at 11,600+ feet. The South Ridge route is a class 2-3.

Topo of the route

South Ridge

Photos by Tad Schafer

Access to the south ridge is either from the North Fork of Hyndman Creek from the Hyndman Creek trailhead or from Pioneer Cabin. Choosing Pioneer Cabin provides an opportunity to stay overnight in the rustic cabin and to follow the connecting ridge. To reach the Pioneer Cabin trailhead, travel 4 miles out of Sun Valley on the Trail Creek road. Turn off at the Corral Creek Road and drive another 4 miles on dirt to the trailhead.

The trail to Pioneer Cabin is well-maintained, climbing several thousand feet in elevation and 4 miles in distance. The cabin is open to the public on a first come, first serve basis. Here are some views of Pioneer Cabin and the surrounding area.

From the cabin, follow the trail north along the ridge and then leave the trail to stay on top of the ridge. A tributary of the North Fork of Hyndman Creek will cascade in several water falls below and the twin summits of Handwerk Peak become visible on the other side of the drainage. Drop to the east side of the ridge to avoid rock towers that are impassable. Continue along the side of the ridge below the towers and cliffs heading toward the large boulder field below the southern slopes of Spitzl. Ascend the boulder field toward the south ridge and the last prominent rock tower. Once on the ridge, peer down into the large snow-filled bowl visible on the other side of the ridge. Ascend the ridge or the southern slopes of Spitzl toward the summit.

Once on top look north toward the Devil's Bedstead East. Kane Lake is below. Due east are the twin summits of Goat.


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