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Altair Peak  

Altair Peak from Standhope Peak

Altair above Betty Lake
Betty Lake at dusk
Southeastern Pioneers from Betty Lake
On top of Altair Peak with Pegasus Peak on the right
On top of Altair Peak with the Devil's Bedstead on the left
On top of Altair Peak with Standhope on the left
Altair Peak from the northwest
Altair Peak from Surprise Valley

Altair Peak sits at 11,825 feet. The South Ridge is a class 3.

Topo of the route

Southwest Ridge

See Standhope Peak for information on access to the Altair. From the feint trail that leads over the saddle between Altair and Standhope, leave the trail and ascend the ridge, dropping below the immediate rock towers and working along a ledge system. Once back on the ridge more towers will need to be avoided, staying on the south side.

Once on top, all of Copper Basin can be seen to the east and Surprise Valley to the west. Pegasus Peak is north.


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